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I've had this account on Newgrounds for quite sometime now, and it's quite interesting to see how it developed. Yet it still has the charm that intrigued me when I was younger, and my favorite cartoons from before. And the quality of stuff that's on the frontpage is amazing, the community has really grown (creatively wise, not maturely) y'know. Also the new smilies are awesome.


2011-04-17 05:38:26 by semeieseed

So I have a animation in mind that I just started, so yeah. I've been taking a flash class at my school, but I'm pretty much just taking it to get Flash, although I have learned a couple snazzy things while doing assignments. Also I'm taking a shot at this chess collab, so far; I made pawns.
Anyways I'm tired, it's 2:40 AM...

I think I have a solid grip around the basics of flash, time to get a little bit more serious!

First game in process!

2010-09-27 06:05:36 by semeieseed

It's going to be a space ship shooter called "Bad Squid" that is about a squid that shoots things, It's pretty fun getting around to scripting rather than just animating, it really mixes things up. This is going to be my first flash game ever, (well the first one that I didn't copy\paste the code) and have animations done by me, not some tutorial over the internet. Basically I'm saying its gonna be mediocre :P

Redoing Background Testing...

2010-09-16 02:37:16 by semeieseed

My first submitted flash will be remade, I can already say it looks waaaaay better, and the FPS is 24, but the animation feels kinda jerky so after I post it maybe I can get some awareness on what is going on with it. Anyways, I'm not sure if I'm going to get my part in the chess collab quick enough.
But anyways, I have an idea for a flash game that I'd be willing to work on that I call; Bad Squid, It'd be my first flash game, and I have it all set up in my head, now I just need to put it in flash format :P

Thanks for reading

It has music, color, layers, and a replay button; what more could you ask for? A non-shitty flash is what most people would say. Whatever, I'm still practicing flash; I have to say, this is pretty damn fun.

Scott Pilgrim animation, sounds good to me

2010-08-17 16:14:43 by semeieseed

After I get a lot better with flash, I'm going to set up a collab for the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels. But then again, I shouldn't think ahead to far.

Scott Pilgrim vs the world?

2010-08-14 01:18:02 by semeieseed

Is it worth the money to go see it?


2010-07-30 17:41:11 by semeieseed

Finally today I'm getting Starcraft 2, I can't wait to play through the campaign :D

Jakuna:the story of a champion | Chapter 3 \ part 1 |

2008-11-12 01:20:55 by semeieseed

Sorry for being so Lazy, I just had a hard time getting back on track. But as I said here is chapter 3's part 1. So in this part it will be a investigation on finding the murderer of Minsel.
Jakuna: story of a champion chaper 3 part 1
The next morning today was a day off from training, a Sunday. As a bright light gleamed through the dark room, he looked at the alarm clock across from his bed. The bright numbers slowly showed up as his blurry vision steadied it was 7:43 A.M. As he got up from his bed, he stared at the dark wooden boards below him he knew everybody was gonna be talking about the murder. He wasn't looking forward to talking about something as bleak as a murder that happened the same day he came to the Dojo.
As scrambled over to the showers he thought about how he lived before this living on the damp, cold streets in rags begging for money, so he could barely live. But now he lives in a room learning martial arts from some stranger he meet two days ago. After his shower, he put on his robe to go wonder around talking to people about the murder, and discovers more about it.
As he walks down the wooden hallways several students in blue robes pass by taking about a tournament that was going to happen soon. He went off to see his new friend Lemni, as he went down the hallway he saw Sermal talking to a strong student that had red hair, and big eyebrows. He decided to talk to Sermal, as he approached his teacher Sermal noticed Jakuna.
Jakuna said" So what happened to Minsel?" Sermal said back" He died...his service is tomorrow at 5 P.M."
Jakuna mumbled with a dreary facial expression" well that's bad news, I think I'll go get Breakfast now though ok, bye."
As Jakuna walked away to the doors, he saw Lemni in a white robe that is slightly wrinkled; he went to go to talk to him. Jakuna asked him if he wanted to catch Breakfast at the restraint down the street. He said no he was fine. But Jakuna noticed that he'd go outside in a robe in public, not a great fashion statement. So he ran to his room to change into his old cloths to go eat. As he went to the restraunt to go eat, he walked through the street he looked up at the blue sky, and the several clouds pass by it seems slightly peaceful besides the noisy cars, and people that rush by in a hurry.
So he arrived at the diner, he noticed a few other students were there (he noticed because they were wearing their robes...), so went to go sit with them. The person across from him was a Asian teenager that had brownish black hair he just noticed Jakuna went to go sit with them, the person next to him was a Indian teenager probably 19, has black hair he was wondering why Jakuna was sitting with them.
As he sat down the Asian teenager asked Jakuna" Why are you sitting with us, who are you", Jakuna replied" I'm a new student at the dojo, and I'm wondering about the murder."
The person next to him said" Hmm so your curious about that murder, no worries this kind of thing happens all the time", "But is it common when the best student in the dojo dies so easily!" Jakuna yelled.
The Asian teenager yelled "Don't talk so loud, I know this isn't the greatest situation that this happened the day you came here, so anyways we'll tell you the details about him, by the way my name is Yatsu", "ok, so why would this happen to him?"

This is the end of the first part, I hope you enjoyed it. Part 2 is coming out soon so keep your eyes open on my page. Part 2 is full of action, so if you were disempointed with the lack of action, you'll be happy in the next part :3. |!FIGHT ON!|